ADR Section Information

Executive Committee Meeting Schedule

The Executive Committee is scheduled to meet on the fourth Thursday of each month (except August) from noon to 1:00 p.m. The location varies and the dates and times are subject to change. Please send an email to to verify meeting details, if you wish to attend.

Executive Committee

Chair:  Xin Xu

Chair-Elect: Christopher T. Carson

Treasurer: Tegan Schlatter

Secretary: Eric O. English

Past Chair:  Amy L. Angel

Members at Large:

  • Tonya M. Alexander
  • Lisa C. Brown
  • Thomas W. Brown
  • William K. Gibson
  • Honorable Daniel L. Harris
  • Philip Alan Johnson
  • Myah Osher Kehoe
  • Christopher H. Kent
  • Roger A. Lenneberg
  • Gail A. McEwen
  • Molly Jo Mullen
  • Ronald E. Rhodes

BOG Contact
: James C. Chaney

Bar Liaison: Cassandra Dyke